Natural History - The Art of Nature - Sale 8871 - Lot 560


5 December 2019,

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Lot 560
Collection of Seashells including Cone Snails (Conidae), Olives (Olividae), Frog Snails (Bursidae), True Conchs (Strombidae), Murex (Muricidae), Cowries (Cypraeidae), Volutes (Volutidae), Bivalves, Abalone (Halotidae), Spider Conch (Lambis), Mitres (Mitridae), Augers (Terebridae), Turbans (Turbinidae), Top-Snails (Trochidae), Land Snails, Sea Urchins, Turridae, Harps (Harpidae), Scallops (Pectinidae), Helments (Cassidae) & Tritons (Ranellidae) - Not All Pictured
Estimate $1,500-3,000
Sold for $950